Join us as we recognize and celebrate the unique historical connections between Boston, Massachusetts, founded in 1630, and Boston, Lincolnshire, England, founded in 1086.  We are dedicated to education about the two Bostons in the seventeenth century and to preserving our legacy. To hear more about the two Bostons from Liz Covart's "Ben Franklin's World," click here.
Partnership of Historic Bostons

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"Passionate Puritans: Marriage, Love, and Sex in 17th-Century Massachusetts" was a great success with large crowds at each event.  Below are videos.  Enjoy. 

"Ravishing Affection: Debunking the Myths of the Puritans and Sex" 
Dr. Francis J. Bremer
Old South Meeting House 


"Five Myths About the Puritans"
Dr. Lori Stokes
Boston Public Library


The Pleasure of the Taste: Recipes from 17th century New England is a collection of Puritan and Native recipes.

Try these recipes in both original and modernized versions, and see for yourself what was delicious in the 1600s!  The booklet makes a great gift!
We have started planning 2017's calendar.  Do join us. 
History Camp Boston 
Suffolk University 
Join us at History Camp.
Saturday, March 18, 2017
Will Holton and Lori Stokes:  “Five Myths about the Puritans,” reprise of last year’s most successful talk at History Camp.  
Lori Stokes: “Hidden Domestic Lives of Puritan Women” 
Will Holton:  “Boston, Lincolnshire and Its Links to Boston, Massachusetts—1630 to the Present.”  
Will Holton and Lori Stokes have been invited to repeat “Five Myths about the Puritans,” last year’s most successful talk at History Camp.  Lori will also present “Hidden Domestic Lives of Puritan Women,” and Will’s solo presentation is “Boston, Lincolnshire and Its Links to Boston, Massachusetts — 1630 to the Present.”  
Sunday, March 19, 2017   
Survival: Boston 1630 Tour 
Experience early Boston while it is still winter. 
House of Seven Gables Saturday, March 27, 1:30PM
Salem Women's History Day

Learn about 17th-century women's lives during this lively talk by Lori Stokes, PhD. 
Thoughts on the First Thanksgiving by Dr. Frank Bremer  Click HERE.

To find out all we do, click here. 

See what Boston--Beacon Hill, Back Bay, the Old State House site, and Fanueil Hall--looked like long ago.
This work is provided by the City of Boston Archaeology Program.

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